Swimming Pool Renovation

Swimming Pool Renovation & Refurbishment

Today more than ever, customers are choosing to install indoor swimming pools in their homes, basements and in purpose-made pool enclosures.

Swimming Pool Renovation

Does your pool leak or show signs of cracking? Desjoyaux has a unique and innovative solution: instead of simply plugging the hole… or demolishing everything and starting over, our process involves minor renovation work with guaranteed effectiveness.

Whatever the brand or model of your pool, Desjoyaux has a suitable renovation solution.

If your old pool is showing its age and the heating and filtration need updating to optimise the latest low cost energy systems. Look no further than Desjoyaux.

Our world class surface-mounted filtration system can be installed in any pool – a real advantage. We will close off your old filtration system without having to dig up your pool surround or even break out all of your coping stones.

Desjoyaux Pool Renovation & Refurbishment Advantages

Leaking Pool Filtration & Pipework?

Our filtration systems allow us to make your existing pipework and plant room completely redundant. Removing any leaks or underground issues.

Tired in Need of Attention?

Is your pool in need of attention, we offer multiple options from custom lining, new coping and paving to new heating systems.

Expensive to Heat & Run?

Are you heating your pool water with a gas boiler? This can be the most expensive form of pool heating, with an air-source heatpump 80% of the heat produced is free of cost!

If you are looking for a cost-effective rapid installation, anti-leak reliability, effective filtration and water savings, then look no further. Desjoyaux's patented pool structure and filtration concept has all the answers.

Swimming Pool Renovation Gallery

Do you want to smarten up your pool or bring it up to date? Here are some simple solutions that produce spectacular results!

Replace the paving: for small or large pool decks, we offer a wide range of products from which you'll be able to choose the material best suited to your project.

Create stairs or redesign existing stairs: corner stairs, "beach entry" or "bench" type submerged stairs… the stairs can be considered a true comfort option for your pool, for young and old alike. Whatever style of pool you may have, we can adapt the stairs to meet your needs.