Swimming Pool Liners

Swimming Pool Liners & Reinforced Liners
Swimming Pool Liner

A liner swimming pool offers a multitude of colours and finishes, from a single colour to textured finish or mosaic patterns, allowing you fully customise your pool to achieve the desired finish you’re looking for.

Custom Made Liners

All our hight performance liners are custom made specifically for your pool and its characteristics, providing the perfect fit. Pleasant ¬¬to the touch, all our liners are produced to the NF T 54 803-1 standard to provide many years of pleasure!

Reinforced Site Lined Liners

Made from multiple flexible layers, our reinforced liner membrane offers a choice of plain base colours, with smooth, embossed or natural slate textures. The latest Desjoyaux series is a collection of exceptional printed pool liner material inspired by the latest décor trends and styles.

Liner Colours

By selecting the liner colour selection tool below, you can see how the overall finish and water colour will change.

From a light blue liner, to multi colour finish, pattern and anti slip step finish lining.

Pool Liner Advantages

Custom Made Liners

All our factory liners are custom made to fit your exacy pool dimensions and depths. With steps finished in colour-matching anti-slip lining.

Compliant NF EN 15836-1 Standard

All our liners membrane is fully compliant to NF EN 15836-1 standards, High quality 75/100th thick liner designed to meet the highest requirements.

Pool Water Colour?

The colour of the water varies depending on the liner, the season, the degree of sunshine, the environment, the orientation and the dimensions of the pool.

You have decided on the pool's shape and its location. But you know that the choice of covering also determines the overall appearance of your pool.

Liner Gallery Examples

Reinforced liners providers a further level of customisation, not only for the colour, pattern or texture of lining but also the charastics of your pool.

Reinforced Liner Gallery Examples