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Swimming Pool Design, Indoor & Outdoor Pools

When it comes to the design and layout of your pool, again we're here to help...

Swimming Pool Design Design

Once we have an understanding of your initial desire and intended use of your pool, we can offer advice and suggestions in terms of pool design, layout and position for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Not to mention the colours and finishing to incorporate your pool into its surroundings.

What should you consider as part of your pool design? Our design team will work with to gain a full understanding of not only your expectations but most importantly your desired use for your indoor or outdoor swimming pool design concept, including suggestions to cover and finish design options.

  • What type of pool and depth?
  • Who would use the pool and when?
  • What your running cost would be?
  • Location & positioning to property?
  • Shape, depths & colours?
  • Pool Liner - Finish & Colour.
  • Pool Surrounds - Paving & Decking finishes.
  • Steps - Internal corner, full width, full length or pool beach.
  • Lighting - LED underwater remote controlled lighting.
  • Pool Covers - integrated automatic covers to complement surrounds and environment.
Pool Design - The type of pool comes partly down to your desired use? Swim exercise pool, training pool or family splash pool..
Pools Design - When would you expect to use the pool through the year, summer season, extended season or all year round use.
Pools Design - Based upon the pool design and equipment specification we can give you a breakdown of the actual monthly running costs for your individual pool.
Pools Design - Where would be the best location, where would you access the pool from, how you gain access to and from the pool, and where is the sun positioned over your property?
Pools Design - All these aspects have an design impact, what is the right size pool for your desired use, space available and your budget.
Pools Design - The finish needs to work and blend into your property’s characteristics. The pool liner colour will give a variation in the overall colour that is seen when filled with water. For example, a white lining will give an inviting Mediterranean feel.
Pool Design - The pool surround or deck is key to the overall pool design finish, blending the right choice of stone and colouring to work with your property and environment.
Pool Design - The pool steps are a key aspect of the pool design, depending on the type of use, there are multiple step options and finishes from standard configurations to fully bespoke solutions.

These are just some of the aspects to consider when we come to designing your pool.

Desjoyaux Pools Design Advantages

Desjoyaux Systems

Our unique systems allow us the flexibility when it comes to design to easily meet your custom requirements.

Space Saving No Plant Room

When designing the pool layout for either and indoor or outdoor pool, as we have no requirement for a plant-room, the design decisions are not restricted by space.

Design Choices

When it comes to design of the pool finish, you have a multitude of options to choose from.

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