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There simply is no comparison...

The benefits of Desjoyaux Pool systems are clear to see. From our unique patented filtration and pool structure, to our 10yr structure manufacturers warranty. Desjoyaux is the world's largest and leading swimming pool manufacture and installer based upon our core principles.

European swimming pool standards...(these supersede all UK regulations).

Comapre a Desjoyaux Pool

A Traditional Method

An example of the set up of a traditional swimming pool with a plant room, pipework and sand filtration system.

  • Extensive pipe-work
  • Plant room required
  • Sump drains on the pool base
  • Sand filtration system, wasting water
  • Access to drainage required
  • Sumps on the base of the pool
  • Filters around 55 to 60 microns
  • Outdated & hard to maintain
  • May require retaining walling dependant on install location

Examples of Traditional Systems

A traditional pool setup

The Desjoyaux Concept

Desjoyaux filtration and pool structure.

  • No plant room required
  • No underground pipe-work
  • Compliant to EU swimming pool regulations
  • Fully self supporting structure
  • No back-washing or wasted water
  • Filter at 30, 15 or even 6 microns
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • No need for costly maintenance contracts
  • Huge savings on yearly running costs compared to traditional pools and sand filtration systems

Examples of Desjoyaux Concepts