Swimming Pool Air Source Heating

Air Source Swimming Pool Heating Installers

Our swimming pool heat pump systems are amongst the most efficient and low-cost swimming pool heating systems on the market. Our range of Zodiac heat pumps will enable you to enjoy your pool to the full from the very first rays of spring sunshine right through to the very end of the season.

Polytropic Master Inverter

The intelligent swimming pool heat pump!

Master Inverter Swimming Pool Air-Source Heat Pump

Control your heat pump in silence with this swimming pool heat pump with integrated FULL INVERTER Technology

Thanks to its smart, exclusive regulation system, the Master-Inverter heat pump regulates its power depending on the water temperature but also depending on the surrounding temperature to always guarantee the right bathing temperature, the best COP and the lowest sound level

Noise reduction insulation on all panels and rotation speed of the compressor and fan automatically adjusted to reduce noise to the minimum.

PolyConnect inside : wifi module included allowing for remote control and supervision from our Technicenter.

BOOST mode: use of 85% to 100% of the power to guarantee a fast temperature rise

ECO-silence mode: the COP and sound level are privileged, the fan runs at minimum speed and the compressor runs to favour the COP

SMART mode: the power and the sound level adjust automatically depending on the outside temperature and the temperature of your pool

Polytropic Ottimo Heat Pumps

Unique design and high technology

Ottimo swimming pool air-Source Heat Pump

With its Inverter technology, its design and its vertical air discharge, OTTIMO is a compact and discreet heat pump, perfect for tight spaces.

Optimization of the power required for maintaining the temperature of the pool by cross-referencing air temperature with water temperature data

Smart Mode: the output and the noise levels are automatically optimized taking into account the air and the water temperature

ECO-Silence Mode: the maximum power output is limited in order to prioritize noise over heating power.


Easily connect the heat pump by scanning the QR code, control via the free app and get secure remote monitoring for preventive maintenance and remote diagnosis by Polytropic technicians.Supplied with a winter cover and backed-up by a 3-year manufacturer backed warranty. The Polyconnect application offers an additonal 2 year warranty all all parts (wifi required).