Automatic Slatted Pool Safety Covers

Fully submerged, integrated and surface mounted slatted automatic swimming pool safety covers
Slatted Swimming Safety Pool Covers
Surface Mounted Covers

Mains or Solar powered slatted covers.

Above Ground Slatted Cover Range
Integrated Slatted Pool Covers
Submerged Pool Covers

Automatic submerged pool covers.

Submerged Slatted Cover Range

When deployed on the surface of the water, the apron blends into its surroundings thanks to a variety of shades: white, sand, blue, grey, marbled, solar. Immersed under its duck boards, the cover is hidden away but still safe and effective.


It just takes a few minutes to unroll or roll away the cover as needed. Once unrolled, safety is guaranteed: no stress.


Less evaporation, improved heat balance for longer swimming use at the lowest cost. Cleaner water. With the solar-powered system, you can combine environmental protection with safety.