Swimming Pool Covers

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We offer swimming pool covers designed for every requirement. All of our covers, however simple or sophisticated, are custom made and specifically designed to take good care of your pool and come with a range of options and finishes. If your requirement is safety, we offer covers that comply to NFP 90-308 safety standards.

Swimming Pool Bubble Covers
Pool Bubble Cover

A low-cost, preventing heat loss overnight.

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Bubble covers provide one of the best heat retention solutions for your pool, also saving water and maintenance products.

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Swimming Pool Bar Safety Covers
Bar Safety Cover

Bar covers offer multiple solutions.

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Bar covers are the perfect solution to ensure safety and security of the pool, used year-round, NFP90-308 safety standards.

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Swimming Pool Slated Covers
Slatted Security Cover

Automatic pool safety covers.

Slatted Pool Covers

Click above to view our range of both above ground and submerged fully integrated slatted covers.

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Filtering Winter Pool Covers
Draining Winter Cover

Winter covers help to protect your pool.

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The self-draining cover avoids the formation of pockets of water and protects the pool from impurities. Suitable for heavy rainfall or snow, it's light and easy to install.

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Winter Swimming Pool Covers
Winter Pool Cover

Winter covers help to protect your pool.

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Opaque winter covers preserve water clearness and protect the pool from by stopping impurities from getting into the water. Ideal for covering and securing your pool for winter.

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