Desjoyaux Pools - Pool FAQ

Desjoyaux Pools - FAQ

Below are a range of topical questions and answers relating to general swimming pools and Desjoyaux Pools.

  • Q: How much does a swimming pool cost to have installed?
  • Q: How much does a swimming pool cost to heat and run?
  • Q: How long will it take to build my swimming pool?
  • Q: What is the best option for heating my pool?
  • Q: Should I cover my swimming pool?
  • Q: How can I secure my pool?
This very much depends on the size and options that are chosen, however we have standard size pools with set pricing based upon a standard installation. We can happily discuss these with you and the specification options.
There are a number of factors to consider, heating source, filtration time and chemicals. For an example, a Desjoyaux Pool only needs to run for 14hrs per days filtering your pool due to the flow rates and water turnover, saving you money on running costs. We also have no requirement for backwashing compared to traditional systems, your not wasting your nice clean, heated and treated water to clean your filter system out. With an air-source heat pump, 80% of the heat produced for your pool is provided free of cost.
The average Desjoyaux Pool is installed between 15 to 18 working days, this fully constructed and filled with water. Pool surround will add additional time to this.
There are a multitude of options, however we would always recommend an air-source heating system. Based upon your exact pool characteristics we can provide a full heating analysis to give you a comparison of the different options available.
Yes! Initially to reduce heat loss and reduce running costs. At the same time from a security perspective, your pool can be completely secured with a slatted deck cover with NFP90-308 safety standards. A basic blanket or bubble cover will offer a high level of heat retention, but if you’re looking to increase the water temperature then a solar slatted cover will do exactly that, a polycarbonate slat will increase pool water temperatures between 5 to 8° during spring and summer months.
A security fence allows you to secure your pool area. A slatted security cover however offers both heat retention and security, all our slatted covers are manufactured and installed to NFP90-308 standards.