Planning Permission

In the UK most swimming pools can now be constructed without planning permission. The current rules relating to pool construction are the same as for outbuildings, sheds, garages, greenhouses, ponds, saunas and other similar structures that are part of the enjoyment of your home.


Planning Permission Requirements

  • On the land of a listed building.
  • In an area of outstanding natural beauty.
  • Located in a National Park.
  • Is within 2m of a boundary.
  • Accompanied by any structure greater than 2.5m high or including a veranda, balcony or raised platform.
  • The structure has a veranda, balcony or raised platform.
  • Located where more than 50% of the land around the "original house" is covered by additions or other buildings.

Government Planning Portal

You can find more information on the Government Planning Portal.

Desjoyaux Pools Planning Service

At Desjoyaux we can handle all this for you if you wish.

The process usually takes about 8 weeks from submission of the planning application and plans and section drawings to receiving a formal planning decision.

The local authority planning fees vary slightly but are around £150+VAT.


Key Aspects

When planning your pool there are a number of key issues to consider: size, location, depth, safety, materials, maintenance etc. At Desjoyaux we have over 45 years' experience building swimming pools around the world so you can be confident that we can provide the right guidance and advice.

Pool Structures & Enclosures

We also have a range of pool shelters and enclosures. Many of which do not require planning permission.


Pool Heating Planning

Today energy conservation is a key requirement when it comes to heating your pool. For indoor pool installations we can advise and supply the systems to not only heat the pool water but handle the dehumidification requirements too. As well as solar and heat retention covers we supply winter covers and safety covers for either manual or automatic operation.


Indoor Pool Layout

If you are planning an indoor pool you may also be considering the inclusion of a spa or sauna. We can help you with the design to effectively integrate these units to maximise the benefits they can offer. Desjoyaux have their own exclusive range of spas and pools with automatically treated water systems for your enjoyment and safety.


Desjoyaux Benefits

Whether you are considering an outdoor or indoor pool you will find our pipe-free swimming pools with no sand filters, back washing and wasted water will ensure the planning, design and construction process is fast and efficient and will ensure you enjoy your pool to the maximum.

If you would like to discuss any aspect further please do let us know.

Just remember with a Desjoyaux Pool you can have any shape, any size or any depth you choose...

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