An Exclusive Desjoyaux Concept

Our pipe-free swimming pool filtration systems are either a surface mounted unit, or fully integrated within your pool structure, removing the requirement for a pool plantroom or lost space.

Simple but advanced

  • Filter entire pool in under 3 hours
  • Filter at 30, 15 or 6 microns
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Built-in lighting or LED lighting
  • Residential & commercial models

Saves Water & Energy

  • No backwashing or waste water disposal
  • No plant room required or sandfilters
  • No pipes - no underground pipe leaks
  • Timer programmed filtration cycles
  • Cost effective & economically friendly

Filtration Options

  • Cross-current swim jet
  • Electrolysis to eliminate chlorine use
  • LED Lighting
  • JD Master Filter to reduce cleaning

Integrated Pool Filtration

Built-in filtration is a Desjoyaux innovation combining aesthetics, effectiveness and simplicity.

Our fully integrated pipe-free PF.I models are installed as part of the pool structure.

There come in several models based upon the pool size and volume of water:

  • PF.I 181, for private pools up to 11x5m
  • PF.I 250 commercial grade with two filtering chambers
  • PF.I 440 commercial grade with two filtering chambers and two pumps.

Surface Mounted Pool Filtration

Our surface mounted GRI systems are the perfect choice for pool renovations, removing the need for any plant room, skimmers or sumps on your pool.

If you have a traditional sandfilter system and your having problems with leaks and underground pipe-work then the GR.I range is the solution to your problems.

  • GR.I 110 ideal for small or above ground pools.
  • GR.I 181 the latest model in the range, featuring a blend of design and technological breakthroughs.
  • GR.I 251 the ideal choice for large renovations or commercial projects for all makes of pool.

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