With a Desjoyaux Pool there simply is no comparison

When it comes to choosing your pool there is a vast amount of information an options to consider.

A Desjoyaux Pool offers a luxury product and service without the luxury price-tag. On average a Desjoyaux Pool takes between 15 to 18 working days to be installed from start to fully filled with the filtration and heating systems running.

Another consideration when looking to having a swimming pool installed is not only the installation cost, but the running and maintenance costs associated with owning it.

With the Desjoyaux system, not only do you benefit from our exclusive patented technology, pool structure and pipe-free filtration, the running costs are considerably reduced compared to traditional pool systems.


The Desjoyaux Pool System

An example of a Desjoyaux pool with pipe-free filtration and our Active Permanent Casing structure.

The Benefits...

  • No plant required
  • No underground pipe-work
  • No back-washing or wasted water
  • No leaks
  • Filter at 30, 15 or even 6 microns
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • No need for costly maintenance contracts
  • Reduced running costs
  • 10 year manufactures warranty

A Traditional Swimming Pool System

An example of the set up of a traditional swimming pool with a plant room and sand filter system.

The Negatives...

  • Extensive pipe-work
  • Plant room required
  • Sand filter system, wasting water
  • Access to drainage required
  • Sumps on the base of the pool
  • Filters around 55 to 60 microns
  • Outdated & hard to maintain

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