A Range Of Swimming Pool Bubble Covers And Cover Rollers

In the course of the day, the sun increases the water temperature. Unrolled over the pool (smooth face upwards) after bathing, the bubble cover conserves the warmth built up during the day while avoiding evaporation. It also protects the pool from impurities and reduces consumption of water treatment chemicals.

  • Eco Bubble Cover
    Eco Bubble Cover
  • Solo Bubble Cover
    Solo Bubble Cover
  • Duo Bubble Cover
    Duo Bubble Cover
  • Duolis Bubble Cover
    Duolis Bubble Cover
  • Quatro Bubble Cover
    Quatro Bubble Cover

Desjoyaux Advantages

All our covers are anti UV treated to limit premature ageing.

Bubble Covers Heating Power

  • These are thermal blankets.
  • Limiting temperature loss overnight.
  • Increases your pools' water temperature.
  • Capturing the power of the sun to heat the pool by several degrees!

Reduce Evaporation

  • Save water.
  • Save money.
  • Limiting the use of treatment products.
  • Maintains degrees accumulated during the day.
  • Limitation of the heating requirements of the water.

Colour & Finish

  • Blue: classic.
  • Blue/Black: limits photosynthesis and therefore the formation of algae; makes water treatment products more economical.
  • Blue/Silver: improves the cover's heat efficiency and limits evaporation of water from the pool.
  • Clear Blue: improves the water's ability to be heated by the sun's rays and limits the need to use a water heating system.
  • 400 microns: professional quality.
  • 500 microns: superior quality.

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