Swimming Pool Structure

Rapid construction combined with enduring reliability and the freedom to create any shape of pool you like! Our Active Permanent Casing structure gives you the freedom to build with complete confidence.
Swimming Pool Structure
The Desjoyaux casing structure concept

The freedom to create any shape or size pool is determined by assembling a series of panels that form the structure of the pool's Active Permanent Casing. This exclusive process ensures that the pool is strong and long-lasting, while offering great creative freedom in terms of its design.

The installation technique maximizes the pool's service life by casting a reinforced concrete bed-slab and by installing the reinforcement and casting the side-walls in a single operation. Your Desjoyaux pool is a rot-proof, single-piece self-supporting structure. The safety of our production process and the sturdiness of the Active Permanent Casing are monitored by Bureau Veritas.

Desjoyaux Pool Construction & Structure Advantages

Swimming Pool Construction
  • Reinforced, cast in concrete on site.
  • Free-standing, self-supporting single structure.
  • No retaining walls or piling required.
  • Fully compliant European pool standards.
  • Bureau Veritas monitored.
  • Any shape and size of pool.
Swimming Pool Structure
  • Invented, patented, exclusively Desjoyaux
  • Rot-proof and environmentally friendly.
  • Made with recycled polypropylene.
  • Reinforced panel construction.
  • Resistant to frost and ground movement.
  • Manufacturer’s structural warranty for 10 years.

Pool Structure & Construction Video