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Pool water chemical levels

Three factors have a significant effect on your pool water, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness and they all affect one another, so it is important to get all three in the proper range at once.

We also supply a range of water-testing kits to measure the pH and chlorine levels.

Balancing a Pool

  • The correct pH for a pool is in the range of 7.2 to 7.6.
  • The ideal chlorine level should be 1.2mg/I

Desjoyaux Chemicals - Customer Feedback

This is just a couple of the comments and feedback we've had from our customers who've used our range of chemicals;

"I recently purchased a tub of Desjoyaux chlorine shock, I was surprised to find out that I only needed to use around half the amount I had been previously used from another brand. Also, I no longer get what looked like a white scum liner around the top of the pool, I was advised this was due to the amount of chalk contained in my other chemicals!"

"Thanks to Andy for the helpful advice." James Rice

Just remember with a Desjoyaux Pool you can have any shape, any size or any depth you choose...

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