Pool Salt Water Electrolysis

Peace of mind when you're swimming. Discover our solutions for simple and economical treatment of your swimming pool water. Safety also means guaranteeing water quality using simple solutions such as electrolysis treatment…

Electrolysis works by adding a small amount of salt to the water in the pool (4 g/litre). After the water is filtered, it is then treated by electrolysis, which converts the salt into a powerful sterilising agent, killing off all algae and bacteria and oxidising any organic residues. In spite of the combined effects of swimmers and sunshine, the salt remains in the water and allows the disinfecting process to be constantly renewed.

Treatment Systems Benefits

  • Easy and cheap to maintain.
  • Consistent water quality.
  • No chloramines, no smells, or red and sore eyes.
  • Fully-automated system.
  • Low maintenance.

Water Treatment Systems

JD Regul SEL+ pH is the most complete and technologically advanced

It is truly a 3-in-1 device, automatically adjusting the chlorine and the pH of your pool by colorimetry. It thus has all the features of the JD Regul SEL, plus it also manages and automatically corrects the pH, operating with both pH- and pH+. It has an adjustable setpoint and secure injection duration. The JD Regul SEL+ pH offers the user complete freedom. It maintains the quality of your water even when you’re away from home!

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