Pool Equipment & Accessories

Whatever make of pool you own, why not optimise your comfort by installing Desjoyaux equipment? We have devised an extensive range of ingenious solutions under our Boutique brand to help you personalise, protect and bring more fun to the poolside!

Desjoyaux does not just stop there. We offer a wide range of swimming pool equipment and accessories marketed under the Boutique brand to bring even more fun and excitement to the poolside.

Pool Heating

Allowing you to enjoy your pool to the full from the very first rays of spring sunshine right through to the very end of the season. NF certified to guarantee 80% of your heating is generated free of charge!

Swimming Pool Heating

Pool Shelters

The safety, visual appeal and total comfort offered by a Desjoyaux pool shelter are just a few of the many benefits. Your covered pool will extend the season of use.

Swimming Pool Shelters

Pool Cleaning Robots

Desjoyaux have a range of self propelled cleaning robots to take care of pool cleaning. The self-propelled pool cleaning robots, operate independently of the pool filtration system.

Pool Cleaning Robots

Pool Water Treatment

The JD SEL range provides automatic water management and electrolysis as it provides consistent water quality and unrivalled comfort - no more chemicals, no chloramines, no unpleasant smells or red eyes.

Pool Water Treatment

Pool Chemicals

We offer a full range of premium quality swimming pool chemicals all available to order online from Desjoyauxdirect.co.uk.

Pool Chemicals

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