Integrated Automatic Slatted Security Covers

Slatted security automatic pool cover installers .

Our range of submerged, integrated slatted automatic covers are available in a multitude of configuration variations, for both new build pools installations and installation to an existing pool. All covers are Safety Standard NF P90-308 approved.

ZITA Slatted Cover
ZITA - Submerged Cover

Most affordable safety cover

ZITA - Quotation

ZITA is the only slatted cover on the market that complies with the NF P 90-308 safety standard, without beams, duckboards or partitions.

IMVERSO exclusive system. Without duckboards or separation walls, one simple manual action is required to operate it.

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IMM'Ax Slatted Cover
IMM'Ax - Submerged Cover

Safe, integrated and aesthetic

IMM'Ax - Quotation

Safety, functionality, discretion and aesthetics and fits easily to most existing pool structures. Safety Standard NF P90-308 approved.

The IMM’Ax submerged slatted cover with motor in the roller shaft makes it easy to install, and avoids any masonry work.

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Automatic Swimming Pool Security Covers
DIVER - Submerged Cover

Custom submerged cover

DIVER - Quotation

DIVER is the submerged slatted cover designed by our design office to adapt specifically to your project. Safety Standard NF P90-308 approved.

The look you are after, building constraints, unusual shape. We take on your project and design the right DIVER cover for you.

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