Automatic Slatted Pool Safety Covers

Fully submerged, integrated and surface mounted slatted automatic swimming pool safety covers

Whether it is a new pool or an existing pool, our wide range will meet your technical constraints, your budget and your desires. Our covers, from basic to advanced, are custom-made to protect your pool, offering a variety of options and finishes.

Slatted Swimming Safety Pool Covers
Surface Mounted Covers

Mains or Solar powered slatted covers.

Above Ground Slatted Cover Range
Integrated Slatted Pool Covers
Submerged Pool Covers

Automatic submerged pool covers.

Submerged Slatted Cover Range
Why choose an automatic slatted security cover for your swimming pool?

PRACTICAL: Fully automatic operation, no waste of time putting away and taking out a cover. And the pool is kept clean thanks to the protection of the slats.

SECURE: Equipping your swimming pool with a slatted safety cover that complies with the NF P 90-308 safety European standard.

ECOLOGICAL AND ECONOMIC: The cover will also limit evaporation and maintain or increase the water temperature in the summer.

AESTHETICS: The slats are either surface-mounted or fully integrated within the pool and remain discreet and hidden when retracted.


In France, safety covers for private pools are subject to the NF P90-308 standard. This standard imposes rules covering the materials, the fastening system and the ageing criteria. It also lists installation-related obligations. The only way to enjoy your pool in complete peace of mind.

Control heat loss

A little sensitive to cold? Good news! Your cover will help fight heat loss. During the day, the sun heats the cover and the pool water due to a transfer of the heat of the sun’s rays. Covering your pool makes it possible to maintain the temperature at night.

The increase in water temperature will be even more spectacular if your slatted cover has polycarbonate slats.

Some of our models are even fitted with solar panels: which are very economic and fully eco-responsible.